Proposals: service in

                  Video-computer system for
                  psychoanalysis makes possible:

                  1. Personnel selection, distribution, estimation and training,
                  professional selection.
                  2. Psychological compatibility in family, in group, selection of
                  partners and clients.
                  3. Psycho diagnostics and psycho correction in psychology
                  and medicine.

                  The main advantages are:

                  1. Promptitude - computer analyse takes a few minutes, it is
                  possible work only with photo (not with person), send it and
                  receive reply by internet (e-mail).
                  2. Objectivity - the result does not depend on personnel own
                  3. Anonymity - it is enough to have only photo of a person.

                  No additional information is need.

                  The validity of this system is proved - now this system is used
                  in Russian Custom Committee and in private medical clinics in

                  The strategy may be as follows:

                  1. To sell this system to medical organizations.
                  2. To organize serves by internet using photo for personnel
                  3. To organize serves in USA for population, who wonts to
                  perceive he's own inner world and change himself. It may be
                  organized in public places promptly, personally (without photo,
                  with help of video camera).

                  It is necessary to make a marketing.

                  If somebody want to check the validity (reliability) of this
                  system, it is very easy. They can send us a few photos of
                  persons, which are studied already and they know them well
                  and we shall send them characteristics. Then they can
                  compare and be sure about reliability.

                  Prof. Avtandil Anuashvili
                  director of Human Ecology Centre "NICKAR"
                  at the ICS of Russian Academy of Sciences

                  e-mail :
                  tel. (095) 334-92-59
                  Moscow , profsouznaia 65.
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